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Angela Woodall

An award-winning, cross-platform reporter and journalism educator described as a “trailblazer” for moving journalism in a digital direction. Working on the book, "On Her Own: Big Ag and the Farm-to-Table Movement."



Clinical Data and The Shifting Balance of Transparency and Privacy

Traditionally, clinical trials moved along a slow and cautious course, with research data closely guarded. Volunteers were recruited, given lengthy consent forms to sign and kept in the dark about findings until the trial ended. Technology is changing that. The first day Stanford University released the MyHeart Counts app on the iPhone, an astounding 11,000 people signed up.

Beautiful Brawlers

For women who box, staying amateur is better than turning pro.

Drought, Shutdown of Rancho Feeding Corp. Could Cripple Regrowth of California’s Independent, Grass-fed Livestock Producers

A worker on March 4 replacing the Rancho Feeding Corp. sign with Marin Sun Farmers. Marin Sun Farms bought the shuttered slaughterhouse and processing plant in Petaluma on Feb. 28. Photo: Angela Woodall/CHR. First it was the drought that dogged rancher Adam Gaska, who raises cows, sheep and Berkshire pigs on 2,000 acres of pastureland in Mendocino County. Link to Story

Women Veterans: The Difference an X Makes

In a war, both men and women will suffer from trauma. But researchers are finding that the way women hurt is different from men, especially when it comes to veterans who reported military sexual trauma. The experience of being sexually assaulted or harassed during their service put them at twice the risk of men for developing post traumatic stress disorder. Link to Story

Oakland feels the burden of the rise in temp employment

Unemployment in Alameda and Contra Costa counties has dropped to below 8 percent. But in East Oakland, joblessness runs as high as 35 percent, and it�s 45 percent in West Oakland, according to estimates from the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy.
Bay Area News Group - Alameda Link to Story

Around the Bay Area, you're being watched

It’s not just the National Security Agency secretly vacuuming up your personal data. Local police agencies are increasingly adopting Big Data technologies such as automatic license-plate readers that gather information about everyone.
San Jose Mercury News Link to Story

War on terror money funding drones, surveillance in the Bay Area

Critics worry that Homeland Security money is turning policing into combat, but supporters say the anti-terror program is making the community safer by preparing for any disaster.
Contra Costa Times Link to Story

Oakland: Aging ex-felons face daunting prospects upon release from prison

Between 1995 and 2010, the number of state and federal prisoners age 55 or older nearly quadrupled nationwide, an escalation of 282 percent compared to a 42 percent increase in the number of all prisoners, according to a 2010 Human Rights Watch analysis of Bureau of Justice data.
Contra Costa Times Link to Story

Alameda County sheriff's SWAT team travels to Jordan

The $13,000 tab for airfare to get to the U.S. -funded King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center is being picked up by a private Castro Valley consultant, Cytel Group Inc. Founded by a former Alameda County assistant sheriff, James L. Baker, the small business received more than a half-million dollars in federal money from the Alameda County Sheriff�s Office to provide anti-terrorism tactical training and expertise.
Bay Area News Group - Alameda Link to Story

ACMC changes name to Alameda Health System as Affordable Care Act reform nears

Ask most people in Alameda County what the letters ACMC stand for, and the response is usually a blank stare. Even by its full name, the Alameda County Medical Center was at best synonymous with Highland Hospital, whose high-profile reputation for trauma care was a mixed blessing. Cultivating a better image drove executives to change the name to the Alameda Health System.
Inside Bay Area Link to Story

San Leandro lab PhaseSpace making virtual reality a household reality

PhaseSpace and experts like Stanford�s Jeremy Bailenson believe immersive virtual technology is poised to become mainstream.
San Jose Mercury News Link to Story

Occupy policing blunder opens rifts in Oakland city hall

Angela Woodall: Fallout from Tuesday's heavyhanded police operation against Occupy Oakland may cost both mayor and police chief their jobs.
The Guardian (UK) Link to Story


Angela Woodall

I am an award-winning journalist as comfortable with words as with video and Excel. I won awards for featuring writing while I was a newspaper reporter and founded the prize-winning civic app project, Civic Playground. My pieces appear regularly in health and women's outlets, including More Magazine and the California Health Report. I also teach digital and online journalism at San Francisco State University.



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